20201231 End of Year data

Comments of particular interest are noted with ‘*’.  

Matau’s Comments:

  • 2020 end-of-year data and graphs.
  • Comparison of a range of important FX trends of countries related to Australian resources trade.
  • Pinchpoint graphs continue to highlight tightness in markets for Cu & Ni in particular.


Copper  Covid lockdown driven fear of food shortages driving copper prices. 

*Cobalt  COB tracking for production (pilot) in Mar21Qtr.  

*Nickel  Chinese interests in Ni projects to influence Ni pricing / demand.

Zinc & Lead  Global Zn mine production to recover in coming years.  (NCZ)   *Pb:  REE comments

Tin  AfriTin’s Uis project at full production.      

Aluminium  China’s Al imports are strong.  European demand recovery also seen. 

Gold  Au price’s strongest annual gain in a decade. 

*Platinum & Palladium  Car sales outlooks in China and Asia-Pacific are looking up.

*Oil  OPEC+ to meet Monday to determine production levels for February. 

Coal  Thin trading and reporting during the Christmas / New Year period.  

Iron Ore  China to open new iron ore mines and drive mergers & acquisitions. 

Shipping  Freight demand and rates up. 


Gold price in other producers’ currencies:  more stable trends than expressed in USD.

Foreign Exchange Rate trends:  Review FX trends.