Of particular interest this week:

World Steel:  It is not all about China.  The rest of the world is growing faster.

China :  Industrial and Energy output is, overall, growing well.

Gold:   there are still lots of weddings ahead in despite trend changes the Indian Millennials may drive.  Traditional values are resilient.

Copper:  supply side threats.

Nickel:  Indonesian political volatility persists, though the market may have overestimated the impact.  


Copper  Supply-side threats.  Freeport stresses need for export permits for concentrates. 

Nickel  IGO expects improved Ni prices this yr despite Indonesian relaxation of export bans.  

Zinc & Lead  LME outflows increasing, though stock levels not reflecting fundamentals.

Tin  Russia searching for foreign investors for its (low-grade) tin project(s). 

Aluminium  China planning to halt 3.3 Mtpa of operational smelting capacity. 

Gold  With some 500 million Indians under the age of 25, there are plenty of weddings to look forward to. 

Platinum & Palladium  South African mine-supply facing issues including labour relations and strikes. 

Oil  Predictably, US rig count bounces as oil price increases.  Trump approves oil pipelines.

Coal  Considerable uncertainty (Australian weather and Chinese policy) factors ahead.

Iron Ore  Chinese futures indicate expectations of firm demand post Chinese New Year holiday.  

Shipping  Market conditions improved since 2016.  Some new uncertainty on Indonesian export decisions.


Japan LNG prices – improving with oil price improvements.

China – Output of Industry and Energy –  generally positive growth for key metrics. 

World Steel – Trump signed orders that approved pipelines and that they be made of US steel, however, the US pipe makers might not have the capacity to deliver. …!

Germany – Industrial Production, Durable Goods, Construction – all growing well.