Copper  – Rockaways (NY) to lose copper wiring phone system infrastructure.

Nickel  – New Caledonia to permit Goro to resume production.

Zinc & Lead – Dugald River deposit moving toward development, by MMG.

Tin  – Tin market to tighten up markedly in a couple of years, as Peru & China exhaust high grade ore.    .

Aluminium  – BHP considering job cuts at Worsley.     .

Gold  – Shanghai Gold Exchange approved by the Central bank.  It is the biggest physical gold exchange.

Platinum & Palladium  – Strike unresolved.  Lonmin said to be the most financially fragile. .

Oil  – Thai tanker hijacked?  Kurdish oil output seeking home(s).  Potential for stoush with Baghdad.

Coal – Prelim talks on Sept14 Qtr met-coal started.  Indonesia to revise DMO.  Aust Take-or-Pay issues.

Iron Ore – Industry’s producers believe iron ore price dip not sustainable near term.

Shipping – Pressure on Capes & Panamax, though some upward expectations hinted at.    .

Japan:  Orders to Machinery saw a small decline, but sub-segments had widely varied growth.

Japan: Industrial Production growth is positive but slower than recent months.

USA:  Durable Goods orders up well, Vehicles a small increase & Electronics & Computers steady and slow.

China:  Transport data shows continued growth in passenger traffic, but different rates in freight segments.