Copper  Commodity backed financing deals are being scrutinised in China.  Mkt fears sale of collateral. 

Nickel  Forecasts of Ni supply shortages in 2014 and again in 2015.  

Zinc & Lead China investing in zinc mining in Russia.  Brazilian auto-sales down a bit in May.

Tin  Indonesian bans possibly drawing out unreported inventory. 

Aluminium  Alumina assumes a gap in bauxite supply developing from 2015.  

 Gold  Recent gold price and US 10 yr treasury yield moves interpreted as bearish for gold.   

Platinum & Palladium  South African strikes no closer to resolution.    

Oil  LNG market may not be impacted by US and Russian supply as much as feared.   . 

Coal  Pakistan to convert generators from oil to coal-fired.  Australian HCC Sept14Qtr talks under way.   

Iron Ore Expectations building that high-cost Chinese iron ore mines may close at current prices.   

Shipping Freight for capes is up, and panamax down.  Pt Hedland shipped record level of iron ore in May.


 Australian Exploration expenditure on minerals fell heavily in the March Qtr.  Petroleum spending fared better. It was flat. 

USA Construction Spending growth continued, based on private, not public spending.