Copper  Copper market was in deficit in the first four months of 2014.  

 Nickel  Indonesia and Russia provide about a quarter of global nickel supply.   

 Zinc & Lead  Zinc prices at 16 mo high as supply starts to shrink.    .

 Tin  Indonesia to reverse a ruling regarding exports of tin solder. 

 Aluminium Western auto-makers trending to aluminium over steel.  Asian cars sticking to steel.

 Gold  A bit of Roman history on India and gold.  Consumption grows. Smuggling continues.   

 Platinum & Palladium  An agreement to end the strike agreed in principle, then threatened again.  

 Oil  China sent four oil rigs into the South China Sea.  

 Coal  India scheduling talks over HCC negotiations before the Japanese have concluded!    

 Iron Ore The iron ore price may be close to bottom, above USD 90/t.  

 Shipping  Capesize and larger vessels in demand for iron ore, but smaller vessels are struggling. 


Global Oil consumption and supply – some highlights.  No wonder China is sending its own oil rigs into the South China Sea. 

Global Steel production for May.  – growing despite slowdown in China.  China is not the only growth engine in the world … the largest single one perhaps.