Of particular interest this week:

– China’s forecast GDP growth rates.

– Zinc – Small-cap companies attracting funding.

– Coal – Mongolian coking coal supply disruption.

– Oil – crisis mooted if security in key mid-East producers is compromised.

– Iron Ore – China’s high cost producers could exit  permanently if low ore prices are sustained for ~ two years.


Copper  – Peru is to become the world’s second largest copper producer, after Chile, and ahead of China.

Nickel  – Glencore and Jinchuan are potential bidders for Nickel-West.

Zinc & Lead – EMX mandated a funding package for its Italian Zn project.

Tin  – SRZ drilling extends known mineralisation at Heemskirk.    .

Aluminium  – Al market dynamics is improving.

Gold  – Au prices forecast to soften (amid volatility) as global economic news improves.

Platinum & Palladium  – Implats’ Zimbabwe (Bimha) project to close after an underground collapse.

Oil & Gas – Oil crisis feared if security in Iraq & Libya is compromised further.  Kurdish oil tankers un-tracked.

Coal – Mongolian coking coal output disrupted.  Indonesian (Mahakam) river levels are low.

Iron Ore – China’s high cost iron ore producers forecast to exit fully(?) if ore prices low for the next two years.

Shipping – Cape rates up in Asian markets.

General –

China’s GDP growth rate forecasts.

USA – Durable goods, Vehicles & Electronics Orders

Japan – Industrial production.