Of particular interest this week:

Nickel – If the new Direct-Nickel process works as promoted, it will change the cost structure of the nickel industry.
Copper –
China’s central bank planning to boost the country’s banks.  Copper traders are optimistic.
Slowdown in seaborne traffic in raw materials into Asia but containers (product exports) improving. Could the improvement in the developed world demand be the buffer that a slowing Asia needs?
China –
Production of Industrial Goods & Freight traffic.
– pressure on supply/demand (deficit) appears to be coming quicker than anticipated.


Copper –  China’s central bank plans to reinforce the country’s banks, a factor traders are pinning hopes on.

Nickel –  Direct-Nickel has a new Ni–laterite process that could radically change cost curve shapes.

Zinc & Lead – Gains in US construction and auto-sales are pressuring the forecast supply/demand balance for Zn.

Tin  – Weaker solder orders and demand for tin-plate (miniaturisation and thrifting) has slowed demand.

Aluminium  – Ebola is threatening almost 8% of global bauxite supply.

Gold –  Physical demand for gold expected during Diwali – the festival of lights (23 Oct).

Platinum & Palladium – Holders of Pt inventories are believed to be selling holdings, resulting in price falls.

Oil  Venezuela – the largest oil reserves;  falling production;  incurring deficits;  1970’s GDP/capita.

Coal – JAL’s Dunlevy with good quality coking coal data.   &  NewC thermal prices may fall further?

Iron Ore –  The new price outlook is challenging for projects outside the major miners.

Shipping  – Shipping charter rates are down again.  Key is reduced thermal coal volumes in panamax vessels.


Port of Singapore – Shipping – slower growth.

USA – New Housing Starts – good.

USA – Industrial Production & Capacity Utilisation – strong

China – Production of Industrial Goods. – generally good.  Increased hydro-electricity output.

China – Freight Transport – growth reduced and appears to be recovering.  (Chinese data has issues).