Of particular interest this week:

Ebola:  the epidemic is in retreat!  This is a significant achievement and a positive for West African projects.


Copper  Codelco to reduce operating costs by USD 1 billion.  Global Cu output to grow by 6.3% in 2015.

Nickel  SIR opening the Nova mine and ABU reports high rock chip values.  Focussed beyond the near term.

Zinc & Lead  Zn inventories down and price up! … note:  this is against market headwinds of slow growth et al.

Tin  ThyssenKrupp to buy Sn ingots from Vinto (Bolivia).

Aluminium  Rusal has no current plans to restart idled Al smelting capacity.  Disciplined.

Gold  Bank of Russia buying gold (selling USD).  Europe’s sanction decisions to be announced (soon).

Platinum & Palladium  Zimbabwe:  potential, but so much political risk!

Oil  Prices bolted up on low rig-counts, and ME conflict.

Coal  Chinese coal imports down in 2014.  Supply disruptions:  Kalimantan, Russia.  Met-coal outlook improving?

Iron Ore  Plans afoot for west African mine, in the face of the current market.

Shipping  Shipping is slowing (ahead of Chinese New Year – Feb 19.


Ebola:  the epidemic is in retreat in West Africa!  We are surprised and encouraged!

USA:  Durable Goods, Vehicles, Electronics & Computers.  Vehicles – strong. Electronics OK but computers down.

Japan:  Electricity Demand.  – recovering from low levels.

Germany:  Industrial Production, Durable Goods, Construction Spending.  It’s a struggle.

nb: tables of Interest Rates & other Asian foreign exchange data