Of particular interest this week:

OECD:  CLI – including Greece.  other than Greece, generally indicating positive growth outlooks for most countries.

Iron ore:  Chinese output to slow at

China:  Output of Industry.  (nine segments)

Coal:  Australian thermal coal  is tight short term.  Indonesia changing the quality rules (again).


Copper  Cu inventories at Shanghai Futures Exchange at 10 mo highs.  Short term over supply.

Nickel  First Quantum to repair Ravensthorpe.  South Korea Public Procurement is buying nickel.

Zinc & Lead Confidence in Zn supply-demand squeeze ahead.

Tin  Vinto (Bolivia) commissioning a new Sn furnace.

Aluminium  Production surge anticipated from China, countering ‘other-world’ deficit.

Gold  New theories on formation of Witwatersrand deposit.

Platinum & Palladium  Swiss imports of palladium from Russia have slumped.

Oil  Falling global rig-counts.  Violence in Libya.

Coal  China introducing new quality standards from 1 July.  Aust thermal coal becoming tight!  Indonesia changing its quality rules.

Iron Ore  China’s iron ore producers to shutdown if price

Shipping  Shipping prices so low, that inter-regional trade is more dependent on commodity price and quality.


China:  Output of Industry:  Fertiliser, Copper, Alumina, Iron Ore, Steel Products, Vehicles, Non-Ferrous Metals, Electricity, & Cement.

USA:  Construction Spending, Electricity End-Uses, Purchasing Managers’ Index, Existing House Sales,

Japan:  Industrial Production

OECD:  Composite Leading Indicators.  Includes Greece!