Of particular interest this week:

World Steel production:  Appears sluggish, at best, with sparse signs of growth.

Oil:  30th June – Iranian decisions.

Coking Coal:  SSCC settlements for Sept Qtr are above LVPCI.


Copper  China’s economic releases show cooling.  Market looking for prospective stimuli from government.

Nickel  Nine process plants may be completed this year.

Zinc & Lead  IBG at Captain’s Flat.  Silver, a potted history.  The three countries with largest silver Reserves.

Tin  Indonesia has effectively lost its pricing power (for tin).

Aluminium  Underlying trend is (reported) for production acceleration.

Gold  China planning a CNY-denominated gold price fix.

Platinum & Palladium  Pt sector is on hard times.  Cut-backs and asset sales are planned.

Oil  Decisions re- Iran on 30 June, re its nuclear agreements.

Coal  Outlook for coking coal looking toward China’s (Sept/Oct) peak steel consumption season.

Iron Ore  China’s steel demand is reported to be in a process of slowing.

Shipping  Chinese coking coal imports fell in May.  China’s port iron ore inventories are down.


World Steel Production (May):  Watch carefully for growth outside China.

USA – Orders to: Durable Goods, Vehicles, Computers & Electronics:  mixed outcomes