Of particular interest this week:

World Steel – negative growth … except India.

FX Indices – China CNY devaluation – views from a CNY perspective.


Copper  Turmoil in China’s FX markets and China’s share of the Cu market is reflected in the Cu price.

Nickel  South African Nkomati Ni mine ends strike action with a wage deal.

Zinc & Lead  Devaluation of the CNY should assist domestic manufacturers, post Dec-15.

Tin  PT Timah granted permission to resume Sn exports.

Aluminium  Al prices forecast down to the cost curve for years due to surpluses.

Gold  Gold prices rising on global & Chinese uncertainty.

Platinum & Palladium  Chinese car sales down 6.6% yr-on-yr.  Glencore to close its Eland (Pt) mine.

Oil  Saudi Arabia’s budget deficit.

Coal  Japan’s & Thailand’s coal-fired generation increased.

Iron Ore  World’s two largest exporters continue to expand production and market share.

Shipping  Cape-size rates slumped in Atlantic and Pacific regions.


World Steel:  negative growth abounds, though ‘peak steel’ has not occurred.

Japan: Electricity Demand – down on cooler weather and lower industrial demand.

CNY: most Asian currencies, and several others, are mimicking its movements.