Of particular interest this week:

OECD:  Composite Leading Indicators (October data)

Zinc:  IPT strong results near Broken Hill

Coal: Mar16 Qtr benchmark prices for HCC & LVPCI

Oil:  Expect low prices for longer


Copper  Nautilus Minerals agreed offtake with China’s Tongling Non-Fe for sea-floor Cu mining off PNG.

Nickel  OZL agreement to JV with TOE on Ni exploration near Lake Maitland (WA).

Zinc & Lead Impact Minerals (IPT) – strong Zn results near Broken Hill.

Tin  Indonesian Sn exports forecast to decline in 2016.

Aluminium  Jaguar to increase Al content of its 2016 SUV.

Gold  Indians believe the low Au price will stimulate buying.  Wedding Season in progress.

Platinum & Palladium  South African mines becoming more mechanised.  Upbeat outlook for Pt.

Oil  Expect low oil prices for longer.

Coal  Benchmark HCC and LVPCI established for March16Qtr.  ChaFTA in effect from 20 Dec.

Iron Ore  BCI announced suspension of operations by end January.  Pt Hedland shipments.

Shipping  River Rhine water levels low again.


Australia – TWI new-Weights (2015) – little change on 2014

OECD – Composite Leading Indicators –  Indications of future economic growth

USA –Construction Spending – strong growth continues

Japan – Industrial Production – unchanged