Of particular interest this week:

There are some small items that are like the loom of light on the horizon, pointing to potential upturns.

Copper::  Concentrate TCs.  Better for miners.

Nickel:  Indonesian NPI smelters struggle.

Iron Ore: Coal: Chinese steel mills selling ore stocks.

Oil:  Saudi has a plan.  Expect low prices for longer

China:  Output from Industry


Copper  Concentrate TCRC’s reduced, price in backwardation, … a glimmer of light.

Nickel  Indonesian NPI smelters struggling at current Ni prices.  Is there a pickup in 2016?

Zinc & Lead  CZL raising capital for work in Mexico.  MCT upgrading Admiral Bay deposit.

Tin  Sn market growth forecast at 2% p.a.

Aluminium  European antidumping activities may be misplaced.

Gold  Media focus on USD gold price misses the benefits in other currencies.

Platinum & Palladium  Zimbabwe urged to reduce royalties on Pt.

Oil  Saudi has a new plan.  We may see oil prices low for longer.

Coal  SSCC benchmark set for Mar16 Qtr.  SMR awards mining contract at Isaac Plains.

Iron Ore  Chinese steel mills selling iron ore stocks, banks have tightened credit.

Shipping  Capesize and Panamax rates reduced.


Singapore:  Shipping traffic.

China:  output of Industry – iron ore down & steel sluggish.  Base metals up.  Vehicles up.

USA: New house Starts, Industrial Production, Capacity Utilisation.