Copper  Commodity price downturn impacted African economies, notably Zambia.

Nickel  Ni market in deficit in January.  Shanghai Exchange adds warehouse capacity.

Zinc & Lead  Zn & Pb markets in small deficits.  Energia announced maiden Resource at Gorno.

Tin  Strongbow to acquire 26 tin mine sin Cornwall.

Aluminium  JP Morgan Chase holds more than 50% of LME aluminium stocks.

Gold  Canada divests its foreign reserve gold holdings.

Platinum & Palladium  Amplats seeking temperance in wage negotiations.

Oil  Saudi Arabia begins austerity measures.  USA adds one oil rig to its count.  Looming stability?

Coal  Jun16Qtr coking coal prices expected to increase at meetings this week.  Colombian strike averted.

Iron Ore  IMF revised global growth rates.  China’s growth outlook slowed further (slightly).

Shipping  Cape rates down but Panamax rates improved.


Singapore:  Port traffic.  Bulks and tankers strong.  Containers recovering.  Growth is afoot!

USA: Housing Starts, Industrial Production, Capacity Utilisation, Electricity End-Use.  Compare the old USA electricity growth with China’s more recent rates!

Japan:  Electricity demand – reducing, except from chemicals and base metals.

Germany:  Industrial production, Durable goods orders, Construction orders – looks healthy.