Of particular interest this (busy) week:

Copper:  a safe haven investment for the Chinese?

China:   growth rates.

Steel:  widespread growth – bit of a surprise?

Gold:  hedging reappears.

Coking Coal:  settlements up! 

Iron ore:  China housing market (ghost cities too) up!



Copper  Copper may be becoming a Chinese investment ‘safe-haven’.

Nickel  Axiom Mining (AVQ) appear to be resolving issues with the Solomon Is’ Govt re-Isabel Ni project.

Zinc & Lead  California is to limit the amount of Zn oxide in tyres (on dodgy data).  Will rubber be next?

Tin  Tin output thought not able to keep pace with demand.  Prices are below production costs.

Aluminium  Further considerations being touted for substitution of Cu by Al.

Gold  Hedging appears to be coming back into vogue.  This may again dampen gold price upside, as it did pre-2005.

Platinum & Palladium  Bacteria, the new Pt exploration tools.

Oil  USA idles more drill rigs.  The US sector is proving very responsive to price changes + & -.

Coal  Hard coking coal prices and LVPCI price settlements for Jun16Qtr definitely up!

Iron Ore  Rebound in China’s housing market calls lifts the steel market attitude.  Even in ‘ghost’ cities.

Shipping  Rates for Capes up.  Rates for Panamax down.


World Steel Output:  Widespread short term (mo-on-mo) output growth in February.  Long term is still down yr-on-yr.

China’s Growth: – forecast growth rates shift as transition to services and consumerism is faster than most considered.  (2/3 of China’s GDP is already from services).