Of particular interest this week:

Nickel: – Philippines risk of restrictions on mine-supply/exports

Oil:   Major service companies say the worst is over.



Copper  Third month of refined copper deficit.  China still key demand growth driver.

Nickel   Concerns re: Philippines’ mining policies impacting nickel prices.  

Zinc & Lead  TC/RCs falling as markets tighten.  .RVR secures funding for Thalanga.

Tin  SRZ applied for ML for Heemskirk.     

Aluminium  Norsk Hydro expects a balanced 2016 aluminium market.

Gold  What the markets are currently watching for gold.  

Platinum & Palladium  Wage negotiations in South Africa with big asks from low-pay level workers. 

Oil  Schlumberger and Halliburton consider that the worst is over. 

Coal  China’s coal imports (all types) increased as China reduces domestic capacity.   

Iron Ore  Major miners just tapping the brakes on production a little. 

Shipping  Panamax tight on north China issues.  Cape rates boosted by Australian iron ore shipments.


World Steel (June) production –

USA Housing Starts (June) slower this month.