Of particular interest this week:

China: – industrial output – signs of an emerging consumer economy


Copper  Chilean output forecast to increase at modest growth rates. 

Nickel  More than 60% of Ni operations (globally) are cashflow negative.  

Zinc & Lead  With closure of Century, MMG’s metal mix is shifting from Zn to Cu.  

Tin  Chinese tin smelters to submit to closures for environmental inspections. 

Aluminium  Norsk Hydro forecasts 4-5% Al demand growth this year. 

Gold  Kalgoorlie Superpit interest for sale.  

Platinum & Palladium  Chinese auto-sales and strikes to sustain tension in the Pt market.  

Oil  Libya – doing deals to protect oil ports.  Japan- LNG prices, down but now improving.

Coal  Coking and thermal prices increasing.    

Iron Ore  Major iron ore producers are not dumping.  They are profitable!  Think – Pots & Kettles. 

Shipping  Rates declined. 


China – Industrial output – a consumer economy in the making.  (including data on Li-ion battery output)

USA – Durable Goods, Vehicles, Electronics & Computers – slowing a bit.

Japan – Industrial Production – a slow decline continues.