Of particular interest this week:

Oil:  Venezuela … the first casualty?

Iron Ore:  How long will Tubarao be closed?

USA –sales of existing houses:  The consumer appears to becoming more confident

Ni :  New Caledonia unrest?


Copper  Zambian Cu output forecast to reduce.  Political risk has risen.

Nickel  Collapse of QNI could trigger New Caledonian civil unrest.

Zinc & Lead  Zn demand to grow at 4% CAGR.

Tin  China’s producers offer to cut production … but they want conditions … and Govt support.

Aluminium  Beijing striving to manage capacity cuts across a range of commodities.

Gold  Indian government’s gold monetisation scheme is reaping results.

Platinum & Palladium  Prices drifting.  Forecasts of improvement by end 2016.

Oil  Venezuela is in trouble.

Coal  Sth Korean thermal imports at record levels.  Met coal sales trend pending Chinese New Year.

Iron Ore  Port of Tubarao closed.  Impact on seaborne iron ore trade dependent on duration.

Shipping  Low demand levels put downward pressure on Cape and Panamax rates.


USA – Sales of Existing Houses – the consumer is confident.

USA – New Housing Starts:  positive growth.

Japan – Electricity Demand – still trending downward. (a warm winter reduced demand)