Of particular interest this week:

Nickel:  Philippines- a challenge to government.  

Zinc :  Glencore Is a key. 


Copper  Funds buy on China growth expectations.  Freeport’s stoush with Indonesian Government. 

Nickel  Philippines – two mines to restart while under suspension.  A challenge to Government.

Zinc & Lead  Glencore plays a key role in Zn. 

Tin  Tin is a tight market.  Mine-supply is limiting China’s imports. 

Aluminium  Novelis’ deal with NIO (Chinese) automaker.  High tech information.  What will Donald think? (does it matter?)

Gold  Gold price movements in different currencies were mixed this week, reflecting a decline in the value of the USD.   

Platinum & Palladium  Zimbabwe has some issues with foreign exchange transactions. 

Oil  OPEC and crude oil are facing moments of truth.  

Coal  China phasing out coal and steel capacity (i.e. uncommercial and/or non-compliant environmentally).   

Iron Ore  Optimism in outlook for iron ore demand.  

Shipping  Iron ore and grains boost demand for shipping. 


Port of Singapore – traffic:  Bulk carriers and tankers strong.  Containers weak.

China – Industrial and Energy Output:  Jan-February data is distorted by Chinese New Year, but overall is positive.