Of particular interest this week:

Coal – Debbie approaches Qld.  

Copper:  strike ends on ‘deferred’ terms not considered wise (for workers).  

Nickel:  It’s a mess.  Philippines allow suspended mines to resume  output.   

Steel – positive growth.


Copper  Escondida strike ended, but not thought to be a good outcome (for the workforce). 

Nickel  Philippines allow more suspended Ni miners to continue production.  

Zinc & Lead  Noranda’s Quebec plant hobbled by strike.  Cancelled Pb warrants at 58%.

Tin  Indonesia’s decline in mining considered due to high political risk. 

Aluminium  China’s alumina capacity to increase.  

Gold  Uptick in Au price widespread, but premiums lower.  

Platinum & Palladium  Pt deficit for fifth year.  

Oil  OPEC expected to extend term of global agreement. 

Coal  Negotiations for thermal and coking afoot.  Weather disruptions expected in Qld due to Debbie!   

Iron Ore  China’s steel output cuts likely to drive high quality import requirements. 

Shipping  Asian rates eased this week. 


World steel – positive growth widening, though emerging’s have strongest growth.

USA industrial production – very slow growth rates for past 5 months.

USA New Housing Starts – strong.