Of particular interest this week:

Gold – Currencies RUB & INR and price movements year-to-date, by currency. 


Copper  Escondida strike ends, at least for now. 

Nickel  Philippines and Indonesian supply uncertainty continues.  

Zinc & Lead  Red River (RVR) identifies more targets.  Korea Zinc reduced Treatment Charges in a tight concentrate market. 

Tin  South Crofty an ancient mine to be revived.   

Aluminium  Australian Bauxite (ABX) – bauxite miner improves results in a challenging market. 

Gold  Indian and Russian prices … Russian Central Bank holdings.    

Platinum & Palladium  The Kell process is poised to significantly improve Pt resource economics. 

Oil  The OPEC vs USA producers’ tug-of war is ongoing.  

Coal  Debbie plays havoc with output and with contract price negotiations.

Iron Ore: China forecasts steel demand to fall by 1.9% in 2017.  (What about output?) 

Shipping  Cape rates improved.  Panamax became more competitive this week in Asia 


Tungsten:  W prices improving slowly.  Notes on Russia and some asx emerging producers.

USA – Durable Goods, Vehicles, Electronic products:  Durables god growth. Vehicles soft.

Japan – Industrial Production:  Three year highs.  

Germany – Industrial Production, Durable Goods, Construction:  trending upward.