Of particular interest this week:

Marine shipping traffic – ships by type and location – maps.   In the current world of increased geopolitical risk, this is worth reviewing!

Copper – Chile’s outlook, incl more disruption looming.

Gold – geopolitical risk comments.   There has historically been a lot of posturing on cue.  Will this time be different?

Coal – map of north Qld ports and disruptions.


Copper  Cochilo increased its Cu price forecast for this year and next.   More disruptions looming.

Nickel  Subdued but outlook for improved demand for stainless steel from China and emerging economies.

Zinc & Lead  Ironbark (IBG) progressing Citronen Zn.  Pb has a small deficit ahead.

Tin  Some discussion – conflict minerals.  Wider than Africa.

Aluminium  Tomago smelter seeking changes in federal policy.

Gold  Geopolitical risks:  Mid-East, and Korean Peninsula.

Platinum & Palladium  Anil Agarwai, Indian billionaire, is now the second largest shareholder in Anglo American.

Oil  The oil market is tipping slowly from glut to equilibrium.

Coal  North Qld ports recovering (see map).  JPU thermal negotiations have strung out / deadlocked.

Iron Ore  Price outlook USD 60-65/t cfr, according to miners.

Shipping  Asian markets eased despite pirate activity.  Great cooperation between India and China on this.

Marine Shipping Traffic
maps of shipping types and locations highlighting major shipping routes.  Consider in terms of geopolitical risks.

Port of Singapore – shipping. Tankers & containers positive but bulks negative growth this month.