Of particular note this week:

 Oil:   forecasts of a range around USD 70/bbl and more..

China:  economic data reported to be indicating a strong future.  See zinc & iron ore.

Lead : Nature is surprisingly sophisticated (bees).


Copper  Peru (government) evaluating building of a significant rail project to export concentrates to ports.

Nickel  Forecasts being revised (upward).

Zinc & Lead  Chinese economic data indicates ongoing growth.   Pb & Bees!

Tin  Chinese imports (incl ex-Myanmar) increasing.  Indonesian supply increasing.

Aluminium  Stronger demand indicated from China.

Gold  Physical demand subdued on high price.  Watch for Chinese New Year and Indian festival demand.

Platinum & Palladium  South Africa:  Amplats’ agreement with tribal leader(s) revised to be more inclusive.

Oil  Price forecast around USD 70/bbl, with potential rally to USD 80?.

Coal  USA HCC increasing toward East Europe.  Caution on Australian geographic supply risk.

Iron Ore  China seeking low-pollutant raw materials for steel mills.  Shipping ahead of WA cyclone.

Shipping  Cape and Panamax rates up this week on strong demand, for ships.


Port Hedland Iron Ore Shipments – record levels.

Base Metal Pinch Point Graph updates:  – continuing to tighten.

Baker Hughes world Rig Counts:  Rig counts continue to lag oil price.