Of particular note this week:

 OECD CLIs:    positive outlook in key countries.

Oil:   forecast price trading band.

Nickel:  supply-demand outlook a bit fuzzy … restarts plus Indonesia.

Singapore port traffic:  bulks and containers remain strong.


Copper  Freeport McMoRan waiting for annual renewals of mining approvals for Grassberg.

Nickel  Recent production constraints being addressed, but time-frames are hazy.

Zinc & Lead  Zn-air batteries may be best for grid-storage.  LeadFX to process ore to metal at Paroo Stn.

Tin  Uncertainty regarding sustainable supply of concentrates from Myanmar and Indonesian supply.

Aluminium  New super-strong aluminium alloy developed.

Gold  WGC Dec17Qtr report, strong demand for the Dec Qtr after a lazy year.

Platinum & Palladium  Pt market forecast for surplus in 2018 and Palladium for a deficit.

Oil  Forecast oil price band driven by US output and OPEC restraints.  LNG demand up in China.

Coal  Chinese New Year limited trading this week, though prices remain sound.

Iron Ore  Iran now sixth largest ore shipper to China, after Ukraine and India.

Shipping  Asian Cape rates up, while Panamax rates declined this week.


WGC – Gold demand/supply:  .Demand down yr-on-yr for 2017, but jumped in Dec17Qtr.

Pinch-Point Graphs – Cu, Zn, Ni, Pb, Al, Sn:  Zn, Pb, Ni & Sn tightening.

OECD Composite Leading Indicators (CLI):  Six growing, nine slowing and two unclear growth.

Singapore Port Traffic:  positive growth for containers and bulks and negative for tankers.

USA – Housing Starts:  good growth.  Industrial Production:  Steady growth.