Of particular note this week read those items below marked with “*”:


Copper  *CRU – bullish copper price forecast.

Nickel  Ni mkt to remain balanced in 2018.  CTM finds more Ni-Co in Brazil.

Zinc & Lead  Zn mkt outlook good short term, then views mixed.  TKM to complete acquisition of Kroussou.

Tin  * Sn, the metal to be most impacted by new technology, says RIO.

Aluminium  Japan calls on USA to scrap its tariffs.  The tariffs are against international rules.

Gold  Despite frequent market attribution, correlations for Au with bond yields or USD value are often not good, or sustained.

Platinum & Palladium  South Africa’s Pt mines face closures of shafts and job losses.

Oil  OPEC and Russia are looking at ways to institutionalise their cooperation.

Coal  Fears of return to Chinese import restrictions are not founded.

Iron Ore  * Steel production continues to increase in China, despite ‘production cuts’.

Shipping  Lacklustre coal demand weighs on Asian freight rates.


Japan – LNG prices:  Japans’ imports have been their highest in five years.

USA – Electricity End-Use *:  Industrial demand poor at recovery after a hit.

PinchPoint updates – Cu, Zn, Ni, Pb, Sn, Al :  remain tight, though inventories up on tariff fears.

World Steel:  positive growth in February is a bit of a surprise, given Chinese restrictions.

Japan:  Industrial Production *– reasonable growth.