Of particular note this week read those items below marked with “*”:


Copper *  Chinese imports of unwrought Cu & Cu concentrate increased in March Qtr.

Nickel  Signs that impact of Trump policies might not be as dire as feared.

Zinc * & Lead  Market worried by rumours of SRB’s inventory refreshment.  LeadFX’s tech report on Paroo Stn.

Tin  VMS’ Mt Lindsay, one of a number of Tasmanian prospective tin developments.

Aluminium  Sanctions on Rusal drives withdrawal of Al from exchanges.

Gold  Increase in physical retail gold sales on global uncertainty..

Platinum & Palladium  Diesel engines account for just 15% of global Pt demand.

Oil  Market anxiety over strikes on Syria, may, be softened by a muted Russian response.

Coal  Mixed fortunes in thermal coal over the past two weeks.  Coking quiet on traders’ absence.

Iron Ore  Baosteel expects slight decline in China steel output.  Vale enthusiastic about China’s economy.

Shipping  Cape rates up modestly.


Port of Singapore – Shipping:  Positive growth containers, but negative growth bulks & tankers.

Pinchpoint graph updates: Base metals fundamentally tight, though recently loosened.