Of particular note this week read those items below marked with “*”:


Copper  ISCG expects small surplus 2018 but deficit 2019.

Nickel * Ni-intermediates the most cost effective means of bringing more Ni online.  Sanctions roil mkts.

Zinc & Lead  Zn: Progress for IBG, RVR, MMG, NCZ.  Pb:  ILZSG forecasts deficit for 2018.

Tin  Eu anti-trust regulators investigating a packaging cartel in Europe.

Aluminium * Sanctions roil aluminium mkts.  Alumina markets also tight, too high for some smelters.

Gold  China’s imports of gold from HK suggest China’s demand is subdued.

Platinum & Palladium  Launches of hydrogen fuel-cell cars boosts interest in Pt.

Oil  This time it is Angolan production that is failing.  Usual story … lack of exploration.

Coal  Rising infrastructure costs threaten Russia’s expansion plans into eastern markets.

Iron Ore  Chinee steel futures trading at highs as construction demand kicks in.

Shipping  Cape and Panamax rates both up.

Ancient British mines:  evaluated for the high-tech markets.

PinchPoint updates* -Cu, Zn, Ni, Pb, Sn. Al:  All still tight, though Zn & Sn suffered stock builds.

World Steel output: *  Growth continues incl through winter restrictions.

USA* – durable goods, vehicles, electronic goods et al:  Strong growth.