Despite all the geopolitical uncertainty, the world appears to be reporting good economic growth, volatile rhetoric, but reasonably consistent growth.

Of particular note this week read those items below marked with “*”:


Copper  Global Cu mkt to expand by cagr 4.9% to 2023.

Nickel  Cobalt 27 acquiring Co & Ni streams from Ramu.

Zinc* & Lead*  Spot Zn TCs increased.  Small Co’s make progress: RVR, NCZ, G1A & AOU.

Tin  AfriTin Mining to source cassiterite ore from artisans.

Aluminium  Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska has resigned from the board of Rusal.

Gold  Price supported by minutes from US Fed’s May meeting.  Sales up on the Megan Markle effect.

Platinum & Palladium  Platinum, the best metal to hold diamonds and precious gemstones.

Oil*  Riyadh and Moscow are prepared to ease output cuts, to assure supply and reduce prices.

Coal*  Supply constraints in all directions.

Iron Ore*  Iron ore exchange contracts under some scrutiny.

Shipping  Cape rates down on low coal demand but Panamax rates up.


Pinch-Point updates – Cu, Zn, Ni, Pb, Sn, Al: … tight, in various degrees.

USA – Durable Goods, Vehicles, Computers & Electronics:  good growth.