*Copper  BHP calls on China’s One-Belt-One-Road for mid-long term Cu demand growth.

*Cobalt  Strong growth outlook.  Supply is somewhat complicated by co-production with Ni and Cu.

*Nickel  Cassini (CZI) and OzMinerals (OZL) progressing PFS for West Musgrave.  Plus new drill results.

*Zinc & Lead  Inventories falling, even as Chinese demand cools.  Limited downside.

Tin  Kasbah (KAS) preparing for finance for Achmmach in Morocco.

Aluminium  Alumina market in turmoil on refinery (temporary) closure.

Gold  Prices up on the week on poor USA employment data.  Direction is uncertain.

Platinum & Palladium  Deep u/g mines in South Africa are a thing of the past, based on economics.

*Oil  Supply-demand fundamentals and geopolitical uncertainty both claimed as price drivers this week.

Coal  Settlements achieved for Sept19-year thermal contracts and Dec18Qtr LVPCI (jfe).

Iron Ore  China’s changes to its pollution abatement strategy leave the direction of output growth uncertain.

Shipping  Cape rates up markedly.  Panamax rates up slightly.


USA – PMI:  Strong outlook.

*United Kingdom – Industrial Production:  Reasonable but slow positive growth.

*Germany – Industrial Production:  Strong IP for July not continued in Durables orders in August.

*USA – Construction Spending:  Overly strong growth.

*Japan – Industrial Production.  Slower growth trends began in 2017 and continue into 2018.