USA – Germany – UK

Comments of particular interest are noted with ‘*’.  

Matau’s Comments:

  • Saudi’s oil exports soared!  
  • Base metal markets remain excruciatingly tight! .
  • Gold markets still range trade, pressured by uncertainty and improving economic outlooks.  Everyone has a different time horizon.
  • USA’s economy, appears, over all, to be recovering.
  • China – keep watching for the Winter Olympics and particularly estimates for what China will do during and afterwards (politically and economically).


Copper  Protesters agreed to lift a blockade of one of Peru’s biggest copper mines. 

Cobalt  Cobalt has the potential to extend gains in 2022 after doubling in price this year.  

Nickel  LME nickel and the (Chinese) domestic pure nickel inventories have continued to hit new lows. 

Zinc & Lead  Zinc prices touched a two-month high on Wednesday on persistent worries about supply. 

Tin  SRZ:  Assay results at Severn (Tas) have confirmed wide zones of high-grade tin mineralisation. 

Aluminium  European Union will place extra tariffs on aluminium foil coming from China. 

Gold  Thin trading and Christmas buying are keeping gold above the USD 1,800 level. 

Platinum & Palladium  Palladium’s price had an eventful year.  

Oil  Saudi Arabia’s oil exports soared in October as it benefited from higher crude prices. 

Iron Ore  Iron ore, a barometer for China’s economy and driver of the AUD, is having its wildest year ever. 

Shipping  Ocean freight costs are likely to remain high in 2022.  


USA – Industrial Production:  IP continues to recover.  Capacity Utilisation has improved rates.

USA – Housing Starts:  positive growth (dominated by two regions with the other regions slowing).

USA – Durable Goods:  Durables show strong recovery, Vehicles weak!  Electronics are more solid.

UK – Industrial Production:  IP reports slow +ve growth, though at levels below ‘pre-covid’.

Germany – Industrial Production:  IP reports slower -ve growth, after peaking in 2017.