Copper  China’s imports of copper surged in April.  Exports reduced.

Nickel  Prices up to two-yr high on plant closures and ban on ore exports.    .

Zinc & Lead  Zn mines closing but currently no sign of tension in Zn concentrate market (yet).    .

Tin  New lead-free solar cells designed, using Sn to substitute for Pb.    .

Aluminium  Kurri Kurri aluminium smelter to close.

Gold  India’s gold imports declined in April, due to government restrictions.

Platinum & Palladium  Lonmin anticipates a mass return-to-work.

Oil  Venezuela announced electricity and water rationing.

Coal  US met-coal producers struggling to complete.  Aust. Small-caps continue to progress projects.

Iron Ore  CISA says steel production has plateaued, though iron & steel participants have other views.     .

Shipping  Cape rates supported by iron ore trade.

Australian electricity market turned to a surplus of supply capacity.

China transport data continues to point to economic growth.